"The MFA is the new MBA." So said Daniel Pink in a "A Whole New Mind - Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the World." Creativity and innovation are driving a great deal of global economic development. In fact, the Council on Competitiveness has announced that "Innovation will be the single most important factor in determining America’s success through the 21st century." So, to paraphrase the famous commercial from the California Milk Processor Board, "Got creativity?" This class will help students assess and develop their own creative abilities and expose them to multiple tools and techniques to enhance their personal and professional creativity. We will explore the role of creativity in the American experience and how it is a driver for economic development. We will investigate a strategy framework for thinking creatively about innovation. We will look at creative innovators in the arts, commerce, government and social change. Students will be asked to investigate and report on one creative innovator for this class.

Start date March 7, 2011. This course is free, but donations are strongly encouraged.