Polymath Student-Creators

Our students aren't merely with us to learn. They're with us to create, advancing society and beautifying the campus even before graduating. The environment and policies of our university are designed to be as conducive as possible to the act of creation: We envision a university where student-created art adorns vibrantly-lit halls, student-created ambient music fills certain comfortable and well-furnished common areas (with other areas left silent for those who desire the solitude of their own thoughts), and spacious areas of untrammeled natural beauty ring the campus. Students who need to study would find ample facilities to do so, while students who do not would find many opportunities to refine their own thoughts on nature walks or other activities - we realize that the majority of new ideas emerge outside of a formal study setting and that they are generated most efficiently when the mind is otherwise at peace. Exercise of students' natural curiosity would be promoted through planned facilities such as a comfortable and extensive library (with amenities resembling most large bookstores, such as couches and a coffee shop) and a museum featuring the works of students and alumni. Such facilities are able to move even laypeople who have no stake at the forefront of knowledge, and we believe that they would provide an incomparable source of ideas and motivation for our students.

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